We are celebrating our tenth season of the VIP Membership and we are so excited to have you along for the festivities!

We have launched several new VIP features, including a 'Find a Code' service. Annual members will have free access to hotseats, our new, updated holiday planner and unlimited wishlist requests- and oh, so much more!

To celebrate our 10th season, we have dropped an ALL NEW budget friendly membership option- the Seasonal Lite. We're calling this one 'Just the Deals'. No bells, no whistles, just the deals! There are just 10 seats available, and they will go QUICK!


What kind of deals can I get?

The truth? Almost whatever you want! We keep VIP very small so that we can provide you a custom experience. You tell us what you need, we find it!

Want to see some recent examples of deals? Click here to take a peek!

How is VIP going to help me?

The holiday season is exhausting- especially when you are trying to stay on budget. If you're like us, you've probably found that you either have time or money, but never both at the same time. That's where we come in!

Time Saving

You are stretched so thin, staying on budget seems like a pipe dream. It doesn't have to be! We're going to take your shopping list and run with it. No list? No problem- we'll help you make one!

Money Saving

Customized Experience

No matter what stage of life you're in, you don't want to spend money that you don't have to. It may seem silly to pay to save money, but our VIP members pay for their membership with their savings. Over, and over, and over, and... well, you get the point. In fact, most of them save their annual membership fee on a SINGLE ITEM. After that, it's pure profit for you. And trust us- we're going to score much better prices for you than you'll be able to get on your own.

You're going to receive a customized group experience that is going to show you more of the deals you need! As we get to know you, we'll begin tagging you in deals we think you'll like so that you don't miss out!


Our VIP members are the best! As a member of our community, you'll build friendships with not only our team, but other long time members.

Everyone pitches in to help watch for the deals on your wishlist and members provide their own experiences with items, alternatives, and additional ways to save!

"I absolutely can not imagine NOT being a part of VIP. Sure, it helps me save money, but it's not "just" that for me. Alicia has helped myself and others in so many other ways - be it giving advice on which appliance/electronic/pool/toy/monkey, lol (not kidding - remember the monkey fingerling phase?) to buy, helping people get items during days like BF and PD that they normally would have missed, telling us when and what we needed to stock up on during the pandemic, etc. etc. etc. But the best part of VIP is the community that she and her crew have worked so hard to build. The sense of family and belonging." ~N. (10 year member)

Why a Membership?

As far as we know, Extreme Christmas Savings was the first deals group on Facebook (2010). Before that, we brought our deals through television segments, newspaper columns, email, a blog, and even in person classes and seminars (many attendees are still active in our groups!).

We found that as the groups grew, we weren't able to offer the one-on-one help that that our members were accustomed to. Deals started selling out quickly, and many of our favorite members were missing out. With the VIP membership, we are able to bring back the 'small town' atmosphere so that we can once again provide the atmosphere and rock bottom deals that you all love.

For the last three years in a row, I have saved more money on ONE item than the membership cost me alone.— Michele

We've got a lot of new perks this year, and we are super excited!

Find Me a Code: We know how you all love code deals, but they are so overwhelming! New in 2023, you can request deals on code-style items that you need ASAP and we'll use our fancy new toy (that's what us computer geeks call software) to look through all of the available codes and pull one for you! No more waiting around, hoping you'll stumble on a deal that you actually need.

Warehouse Deals: These have such a limited quantity that we can't post them to our big groups without a Cabbage Patch Kid style virtual fistfight. Instead, we will be doing a warehouse event sale a couple of times per month, all scheduled in advance so you can plan accordingly. Our VIP members get a big head start on these events (we're talking DAYS), and once they are done, we'll assess remaining inventory and offer a very limited number of paid tickets to non VIP members if there is anything left (which doesn't usually happen!).

Since COVID, we've noticed some new trends (shocker, right?). While we're pretty confident in our ability to find deals on items, many come later in the shopping season. We've found that in the past couple of years, our members would rather spend a bit more to get their shopping done early. For that reason, we're going to invite all of our annual members to submit their lists early, and we're going to do a hot seat style analysis. We're going to take your list and turn it into a quick video or audio clip, giving you our thoughts on ways to save early AND which items you really need to wait on. Need suggestions on something to get Uncle Ned, who has no interests outside of watching television in his underwear? We can take care of that, too!


Extreme Christmas Savings is always free to use!

Take Me Back To The Free Group

If VIP isn't in the budget this year, make sure that you interact with our group! Every year, we offer FREE VIP memberships to a few members who have went above and beyond to comment and offer insight in the group.



Sale: $70 for the first 6 months, then just $139/year!

March 19th only, get locked into the annual membership at $50 less than our fall opening!

The creme dé le crop of the membership plans.

The mac daddy of deals.

The stuff that will make your flea market obsessed grandmother throw nickels at you.

The group that should require you to wear a cloak when viewing.

The PTA moms are going to stalk you in an attempt to find out your secrets. They won't find them. You're going to get asked to spearhead bake sales. Don't do it. It's a trap.

Every box is ticked on our comparison chart, and there are even hidden boxes of perks behind the boxes of perks that we're not even telling you about yet.

Our deals are posted year-round and our annual members know that Black Friday doesn't hold a candle to the deals we find in the off season. Our annual members stick around a LONG time- in fact, most have been in VIP since we debuted in 2014. You're going to be blown away by how well we get to know you (and if you're like Brandy, you'll accuse us of planting bugs in your house because we always find the right thing at the right time- before she even asks). We really don't do that, but you'll never convince Brandy, so don't even try.

Oh yeah-- our annual members are locked into pricing, so you'll pay the same renewal fee every year until you cancel!

Join Now And Lock In Discounted Pricing

Monthly Membership


Sale: $7 for the first 14 days, then just $19/month!

March 19th only, get locked into the monthly membership at a lower price than our fall opening.

It's not the cheapest option available (hellllooooo annual!), but it's a good way to get in and test the waters without biting off a lump sum at once.

Monthly members enjoy many of the same benefits as the annual, but have limited wishlist items and are not eligible for the hotseats.

The monthly rates are locked in until you cancel. Monthly members can elect to upgrade every September to an annual membership. To upgrade, please contact admin.



Membership ends on December 31, 2023

Our seasonal membership is perfect for the shoppers that spend the majority of their budgets during the holiday season.

Seasonal members get access to most of our perks from October-December, but miss out on the rest of the year, including Prime Day, Deal Days, and whatever else the biggest retailers decide to rename their summer sales (they change more often than Uncle Ned changes the channel-- and his underwear).

*New* Just the Deals


$59/ 3 months.

Membership ends on December 31, 2023

Just the deals! This new, budget friendly membership was created for those who want access to the VIP deals but don't need the extras, such as personalized deals, push notifications, wishlist, printables, and tagging.

If you would rather view the Facebook feed while scrolling silently, this is the membership for you!

Act fast on this one, there are just a few memberships available!

You are going to save so much!

Our team spends 80% of our time in the VIP group so that we can spoil our members. Get the royal treatment, save money, and spend less time shopping and worrying - and more time on the fun holiday stuff that you miss!